Aluminum continuous gutter: the final solution.

We offer the best solution existing today to protect your home from rain damage: stains, filtration and moisture. It is the final solution because aluminum material has an undefined time span without deteriorating, which allows us ensure it as a life-long solution.

As well as protecting your house we are embellishing it and adding value to your property, since our gutter cornice-style is discreet and enhances the aesthetic of your home.

Without an aluminum gutter your house is at severe risk.

If your house does not have an Aluminum Gutter, it is unable to resist the deterioration caused by rain, stains, filtration and moisture, and is exposed to severe risk. It only takes a single strong downpour to severely deteriorate your outside walls.

Your house is probably one of the best investments you will have in your lifetime. Do not let it get damaged and lose value. Do not wait for a serious rainfall to realize the problem. Prevent the deterioration from stains, filtration and moisture in your outside walls.

Watertight system:

We fabricate our continuous aluminum gutters, in your own house using our mobile workshop. We can manage up to 35 meters of straight gutter in a single piece. NO JOINTS – NO WELDING. Lids and angle sealing, as well as our assemblage system, inlaying upper pieces within lower ones, prevents it efficiently from water leaks.


Aluminum gutter installations in the same day. Don Canalón® Aluminum Gutters’ quick and clean installations ensure the best quality for the price, making the higher cost of materials worth it and allowing optimum outcome in the final cost for the client.

Elegant and aesthetic:

Our aluminum gutter cornice-style is perfectly integrated to your walls and the look of your home. The high range of colors we offer will combine perfectly with your home color.

A high quality, ecological and long-lasting product:

Don Canalón® Aluminum Gutters is made with 1st fusion aluminum and is totally recyclable. The quality of materials guarantee its resistance with time and against corrosion produced by atmospheric forces. No rusting!

Poco o nulo mantenimiento:

Nuestra exclusiva rejilla de protección minimiza el riesgo de obstrucción, impidiendo que hojas de árboles, nidos de pájaros, pelotas u otros objetos, entren y se acumulen en los canalones y bajantes. El agua filtra al canalón y los objetos quedan en la superficie de la rejilla, siendo eliminados por el aire. ¡Olvide los atascos!


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