Don Canalón® Canalones de Aluminio, is a company specialized in the manufacture and installation of Continuous Lacquered Aluminum Gutters and Wall Coverings, these are of the best QUALITY and with the maximum GUARANTEE .

Our rainwater systems are the only ones that help you protect your home from stains and moisture, as well as beautify the exterior of your home and consequently revalue your property.

Continuous Aluminum Gutter and Wall Covering: The Definitive Solution.

We offer the best solution on the market to protect your home from damage caused by rain: stains, leaks and humidity. It is a definitive solution because aluminum has a long durability with hardly any deterioration, which allows us to ensure that it is a solution.

At the same time that we protect your home, we are beautifying it and at the same time we are giving your property greater value since our gutter has a cornice-style design that hides the gutter and wall covers improve the aesthetics of your home.

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Without Aluminum Gutters and Wall Coverings, Your House Is At Serious Risk.

If your home does not have a Gutter or Aluminum Wall Covering, you will not be able to protect your home against deterioration caused by rain, stains, leaks and humidity and will put your home at serious risk. A single day's rain can ruin the facade and the money invested in it.

Your home is probably one of the biggest investments you'll ever make, don't let it deteriorate and lose its value. Don't wait for rain to realize the problem. Prevent the deterioration of stains, leaks and humidity on your façade.

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More Than 25 Years Of Experience In Gutter Installation, Now We Also Have The Innovative Wall Covering System!

Don Canalón® Canalones de Aluminio manufactures and installs aluminum gutters and wall coverings made to measure to collect rainwater. We make them at the door of your house in our workshop van. Absolute quality and precision without errors!

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Professional Service Specialist in the Installation of Gutters and Wall Coverings.

Our team of professional installers, 100% qualified and with extensive experience, work equipped with special tools and equipment for installation. We are the best company in the sector: we comply with all Safety regulations. If you do not want surprises, problems or extra costs, call us.

Professional and Free Advice.

Call us and we will visit you within 24 hours to carry out an evaluation of your home and prepare a free estimate without obligation. You can also contact us through our contact form.

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