This customer called us to make a fitting of guttering at his villa in San Miguel de Salinas, in Alicante. His main concern was the aesthetics, and he showed to us other fittings of guttering from his neighbors’ houses, which presented really obvious aesthetics flaws: Bad finishing on miter joints, crooked elbows and downspouts, color changes at finishing painting, fitting approach mistakes, exaggerated slopes. To say it short: A complete disaster.

We calmed him down saying that although Don Canalón® Aliminium Rain Guttering‘s main target was the functionality of the fittings ensuring proper rain water draining and diverting, we as well concerned about the looking: The quality of our fittings makes the difference with our competitors.

After evaluating the technical features of the fitting, we agreed on making a color change exactly where the eaves meets the walls. The result can be seen at the images. I remember that when the customer arrived home and came down from his car looking at the fitting he stated: «EXCELLENT!, Excellent is the word. It’s just what I wanted!».

With more than 20 years of experience Don Canalón® Aliminium Rain Gutteringmanufactures and installs seamless aluminium rain guttering on-site, with the best value for money in the market. We also install decorative water butts for rain water storage with style and elegance. Based in Elche (Alicante), we install rain guttering in AlicanteMurciaCosta Blanca & Costa Cálida.

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