When we first visited Julio he related that Muchamiel Town Hall was finally installing drinkable water at urbanization Valle del Sol (Alicante). Till now they only had salty water from a  close spring, so they had to fill the well with lorry-tanks in order to have drinkable water for drinking and for home tasks.

From now on it would not be necessary any longer, so they had though that as far as tap water was more expensive for watering plants than the one they had till now, they could channel and divert all rain waterfrom the roofs to the well with a fitting of aluminium guttering. That way they would have free water available for watering plants and fruit trees at their villa.

We asked him that a builder should make a catch basin at a point near to the well, following our instructions. Once it was done, we put our shoulders to the wheel. You can see the result in the pictures.

Julio was so pleased that he kindly invited some neighbors to watch the fitting of guttering. They all agreed that they couldn’t imagine that gutters should look so good, and we already are preparing their fittings. They all want free water for watering.

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