Juan José & Gloria called us because we have done a fitting of guttering to their friends, and they had recommended our company. When we visited them, they told to us that they would like to replace the old zinc guttering that was very damaged, and to recover the rain water to supply their water well.  They were also going to re-paint their villa exterior walls and they wanted to avoid it getting damaged again.

After having a look to the well, we realized that it was broken. The roots from a close palm-tree had cracked the well walls and had gone into the well, filling it and leaving it absolutely useless. That situation was also creating moisture troubles in the house.

We gave our advice to them as to follow an order for the fitting: First, to repair the water well, for what we recommended a builder from the area that usually cooperates with us. Then, installation of guttering channeling all rain water from the roof to the new built siphon on the well, allowing that way to recover and to storage all rain water.

After few weeks they phoned us again to tell that our friend had already repaired the water tank for very little money. They were really happy with the job. We started working the next week. We removed the old zinc guttering without any expense for them, sealed all the joints in an existing concrete guttering between two inner roofs, and plugged our fitting of aluminium guttering, channeling all waters to the well, as it can be seen in the images.

When we finished, Gloria told to us that she had never thought it was going to look so good!. We left them fully satisfied and thinking calmly on repainting their villa.

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