At Don Canalón® Aliminium Rain Guttering we are more than 20 years assisting our clients to protect their homes or businesses against troubles caused by rain water, through our fittings of aluminium rain gutters.

During that time we have advised thousands and thousands persons about their rain water guttering needs, always suggesting the best solution and looking for the optimal balance between cost, functionality and looking.

Keeping always the top quality at the fittings as axis for that balance, the results are crystal clear: Our customers have known how to be grateful towards our dedication when attending them, and now their testimonials and recommendations are our best advertising.

Anyway, we usually «sign» our fittings with a metallic engraving like the one you can see in the image, which we fix to the downspouts with two small aluminium rivets. This is our quality stamp.

Only Don Canalón® Aliminium Rain Guttering provides you with the best quality and warranty. Remember: It’s only Don Canalón® if it reads Don Canalón®. Do ask to our installers to stamp your aluminium rain gutter fitting.

With more than 20 years experience Don Canalón® Aliminium Rain Guttering manufactures and installs seamless aluminium rain guttering on-site, with the best value for money in the market. We also install decorative water butts for rain water storage with style and elegance. Based in Elche (Alicante), we install rain guttering in AlicanteMurciaCosta Blanca & Costa Cálida.

Contact us to obtain a free quotation without any obligation. Our professional staff will give you advice about the best water collecting solution for your house. We’ll only offer to you the product you need.